Why should you use me?

I'm pretty good at what I do! : ) Ive got 10 years of knowledge and experience working with a variety of different clients, from builders to corporate. I won't baffle you with techincal terms and jargon and I'll work with you to acheive exactly what you're after.

How do I work out my pricing?

I go by the current average rate for a freelance graphic designer. I also take in to account that I cant offer a 24/7 service so my prices reflect this. A logo for example, which costs £95 is about half hour of research, an hour and a half of design then a final hour of development and revision.

Will I copy someone elses work?

Nope. Even if you ask, I won't copy someone elses work, so please don't supply me an image from Google and ask to copy it. I'm happy to use images as references or ideas for styling.

What if you hate what I create?

Unlikely! But, usually if something like this happens then the initial communication hasnt been there. If you provide me with as much infomation as possible on styling, colours, likes and dislikes then there's much more chance I will get it right in the first instance.

How long does a process take?

The size of a project will depend on how long it takes, as well as the level of communication and feedback from you. I work on an hourly basis so a logo will take roughly 3 hours but this could be over the timescale of a week dpeending on how long decisions and revisions take. Any thing priced per hour will be quoted prior to starting any work. And if you have a timescale you need to stick to - let me know at the beginning of a project.

Can you use your designs for anything?

Yes. Once you've paid for your design then its yours. I will ensure you are supplied with all the files you require for any process in the future which can be supplied to any printer. And if they cant use it - change printers!

How do you pay me?

I accept Paypal or bank transfer, or if you're local you can pay me cash. I will email a copy of your invoice along with your design files once funds are received.

Do I arrange printing and other application processes?

I'm happy to use my usual suppliers for printing the likes of stationery, I can set up the files and order on your behalf to have directly sent to you. For things such as vehicle sign writing, clothing etc then I will just supply the files for production, it's much better that you use a company you turst and can liaise with to drop off and collect goods.

How much time can I dedicate to your project?

Currently I work full time therefore any freelance will be worked in around this, however this wont hinder a project and I will always give a realistic timescale to your project. I'm quick and efficent and will always keep in contact with you throughout the entire process.