Fine Cut Group is an industrial manufacturer of predominantly Labels for a whole host of industries as well as laser marking, large format print, engraving, and many other processes.


I look after the brand which includes the creation of all marketing materials, website updates, content writing and photography to name just a few. 

Roles & Responsibilities

•  Management of artwork studio - three artworkers/designers

•  Allocation and organisation of work flow

•  Management of large bespoke projects including design and R&D

•  Overseas & UK visits to exhibitions and shows

•  Researching new machinery and products

•  Artwork proofing to clients for bespoke projects

•  Marketing material design - business cards, brochures, product cards and all promotional material

•  All company product photography and editing

•  Design of anything outside of standard customer artwork

•  Management of 5 internal very different brands;

•  Design / marketing representative in marketing meetings for 5 brands

•  Email mail outs & landing pages via CRM - design / create / schedule

•  Social Media management - images / stories / content writing

•  Website content and design aspects / updates for 4 different sites

•  Sales support materials - via email mail outs / documents / printed literature

•  Printed adverts / advertorial management & design

•  Co-management of one brand - sales / marketing / work flow / customer artwork / R&D

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